MTS to mov converter is your friends of converting MTS files

MTS to MOV converter is a free software program which can convert MTS video files to MOV format. with this free MTS to mov converter, you can playback your AVCHD camcorder recorded video .mts format on itunes, quicktime, iPad, iPhone, Apple TV and other digital devices that support playing MOV. all above mentioned devices support direclty playing MTS by default. in order to play .mts, the best way is to convert MTS to MOV to keep the original mts video quality yet compressed with smaller size storage. You can also use it to convert MTS to MOV for linear editing purpose, to edit it under imovie, fcpx or affer effects. besides its windows version, This free software aso has mac os x version supporting latest mavericks os 10.9.

convert MTS to iMovie - different ways to import mts to iMovie.

iMovie only support directly import mts from a camera or from a archive folder:

import avchd mts form handycam/camera:

Connect camera to your Mac with a USB cable. Make sure the camera is plugged in (not batteries only). Set camera to play mode. In iMovie click FILE/IMPORT FROM CAMERA

If your camera records to an SDHC/SD card, you can put the card in a USB card reader and FILE/IMPORT FROM CAMERA

import mts from archive:

A camera archive looks like this: The directory STREAM contains the MTS files

mts archive

It woud be nice if your camera already contains all these files and you can simply copy them all to disk. The first directory should be your camera archive name (Sealife 07-01-13 in the example).


Native MTS: put single mts off avchd files or cameras and stored on local disk

iMovie does not support importing a singal native mts. if you have such mts files, the better way is use this mts to mov converter to convert mts to other video format that can be imported to imovie. besides use mts to mov converter, you can also use some other mts rewap mts software to rewap the singal mts files to a camera archive folder.

Some certain MTS videos recorded by certain mode can not be imported to iMovie:

1080p 60FPS MTS , made recordings in 50p, etc. The possible way to import these avchd mts videos is to convert mts to mov or mp4 video format.

Play MTS on itunes and Quicktime Player:

both itunes and Quicktime player can be used as a video player, but neither itunes or quicktime only can play limited video formats: MOV, M4V, MP4 for example. so enable itunes or quicktime play MTS, the alternative is converting MTS to mov/m4v/mp4. Here I show you how to use mts to mov converter to convert mts that can be played in itunes and quicktime.

Step 1: Download mts to mov converter from the above link

Step 2: have it installed on your computer, then launch it

mts to mov converter interface

step 3: Under HD video- choose HD MOV video (*.mov)

output mov format

step 4: click "convert" button to start conversion.

After converting mts to mov, the converted mov can be played in quicktime and itunes.

(Note, if you only want to have your quicktime play mts, you can use a quicktime player plugin named Perilan).

convert MTS to iPad, iPhone, Apple TV or other digital devices:

As we have already know, MTS is not a common video file format which only limit its widely-usage in the field of AVCHD camcorder recording. There are few digital devices that support directly .mts file extension video by default. To playback the mts file on iPad, iPhone or Apple TV, the only way is to convert MTS to other general HD video format, such as MTS to MOV or MP4.

Step-by-Step Guide: How to convert MTS file to MOV that can playback on iPad/iPhone/apple TV

The process is allmost the same as converting MTS to Quicktime as above listed except the output profile settings.

convert MTS to iPad output profile settings:

mts to ipad mov -2

convert MTS to iPhone output profile settings:

mts to iphone mov

convert MTS to Apple TV output profile settings:

mts to apple tv mp4

There are also many other output profile settings for certain digtital devices, such as convert mts to psp, ps3, xbox360, windows phone, blackberry, they have similar settings.

MTS to MOV converter

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Windows 2000/2003/XP Windows Vista, Windows 7 and windows 8
Mac OS X 10.4 or above, mavericks 10.9

512MB RAM, Super VGA (800×600) resolution, 16-bit graphics card or higher

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